Hello and Welcome to our blog!

Hello there!

Welcome to our blog, we’re chuffed you chose to access this side of the internet. Here’s to hoping this burgeons to become an enriching platform for all us hardware enthusiasts to unite and better equip our spaces.

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First things first, we’d like to take it upon ourselves to try and answer a couple of questions you may have in mind to help you get to know us a little better.
Who are we?
Introductions first.
GJ Enterprises is a designer hardware forum where Europe meets India in a synchronous effort to understand and allow you to better equip your spaces.
We are an one-roof-solution to cater to all your hardware needs.
Under our flagship, we exclusively umbrella more than 20 European Hardware Manufacturers, and we’re always looking to add more, as it enables us to offer you a bigger basket of accessories to choose from.
We recently turned 18 this year,  and we are here to stay for the long haul to help you equip your spaces with élan and intelligence.
Why choose us?
Having been in the trade for over 17 years, our intuitive expertise bolstered by our technical know-how helps us assist our customers in the fluid installation and usage of our products. Our Experience Centre stands a testimony to our effort in making our products familiar to our customers, and we ensure that every customer that walks in leaves with an enriched sense of satisfaction and understanding, given the outstanding variety of solutions that we have to offer to their every need.
What do we do differently?
 Over the years, with enriching interactions with our customers, architects and interior designers, we’ve grown to acquire a keen sense of understanding of what users look for in furniture fittings, both during and after a purchase. We ensure that while suggesting accessories to our customers we account for the tropical conditions we live in as well as the deep cultural rooting that dictates usage and maintenance.
Our technical teams aid installation as well as servicing in rare cases of malfunction.
How are we priced?
At GJ, our customers can pick an accessory of their choice at a price of their choice.
We understand that the axiom that influences any purchase is the challenge of affordability; and having long realised that, we have systematically worked towards consciously breaking that barrier. Our exclusive line of brands have helped us eliminate dealer-distributor networks, and have thereby helped us keep our prices from snow balling, as a result.
Why the blog?
We have been toying with the idea of extending conversations with customers and fellow hardware enthusiasts for a while now, and we thought what better avenue to realise that than through blogging!
We seek to use this platform to educate and update you on our products, their various application possibilities, the newest trends world-over, and possibly help you choose wisely and ergonomically.
Lastly, Where can you find us?
To help you touch and feel the accessories, we have our very own Experience Centre in OMR, Thoraipakkam. Tucked away in a green island amidst the hustle of the city, our Experience Centre is assured to give you a holistic tour of our complete basket of accessories.

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